ATTENTION Hoof Trimmers!

Do you have dairies that want to quit using copper and/or formaldehyde?

If so, we believe Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid is the answer.

Here at Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid, we believe it is important to work with hoof trimmers. We know that you are the most informed people to make a difference in hoof health on the farm. We are always looking to work with new trimmers.

We are looking for hoof trimmers to conduct trial studies of Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid on specific farms. In order to lead a trial, these are the qualifications:

  1. Work directly with the dairy’s heardsman, vet, or person responsible for the foot bath.
  2. Accurately measure and calculate foot bath size. Use our excel calculator for corresponding dilution rates for specific size.
  3. Collect data on heel warts and hoof rot to monitor effectiveness of Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid and compare to previous data.
  4. Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid pays trimmers for managing the trial as long as all steps are followed to give the true results with data.

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