Dairy Herd Hoof Health Care

Lame Dairy Cows

Less Bunk Time

Less Milk Production

Reduced Reproductive Efficiency

Lost Income

Heel Wart on a Dairy Cow | Hoof Zink prevents heel warts

Every dairy farmer knows improved hoof health results in GREATER HERD INCOME. Mobile cows are at the feed bunk longer, leading to higher dry matter intake to support more milk production. Mobile cows are also more active for improved heat detection and better reproductive efficiency.

Research from a New York study estimated the total cost of lameness per hundred cows per year to be nearly $9,000. Two major bacterial causes of lameness in dairy cattle are hairy heel warts (digital dermatitis) and foot rot (interdigital phlegmon). These diseases are found primarily in cattle housed in confinement facilities on concrete with moist conditions conducive to bacterial growth.

Nearly 40% of dairy operations in the Midwest have experienced lameness in dairy cows due to hairy heel warts alone (NAHMS Dairy 96).

diagram of a dairy cow hoof with parts indicated.

There are many advantages to using Hoof-Zink® E-Z Liquid in your hoof health care regimen:

Easy to Use – Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid is a liquid product that mixes easily in cold water with no additives in both manual and automated systems.

Simple to Store – Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid will not freeze until the temperature falls below -40°F and is packaged in plastic containers to allow outdoor storage year round.

Effective – Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid has been proven in university studies to be effective against heel wart and foot rot bacteria.

Beneficial – Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid improves hoof health. In addition, it contains the “crop-friendly” micronutrient soluble zinc. Lagoon manure and runoff containing zinc, when spread onto fields, will benefit both grain and forage crops, unlike copper sulfate or formaldehyde.

Footbath Minimums and Maximums

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Bovine Claw Lesion & Severity Score Sheet

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