Dairy Farm. Hoof-Zink prevents hairy Heel Warts in Dairy Cattle

Nail heel warts.

HOOF-ZINK E-Z Liquid hammers heel warts better than copper sulfate.

More Effective Than Copper Sulfate

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“We’ve been using Hoof-Zink for 8 years. We used to use copper religiously but we decided to try Hoof-Zink, and we haven’t gone back since.”

John Schoonover, Herdsman
Noblehurst Farms (1,700 head)

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Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid MORE Effective on Heel Warts

Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid MORE Effective on Heel Warts

Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid is more effective than copper sulfate on heel warts. In a clinical trial, HOOF-ZINK E-Z Liquid completely inhibited all three heel wart–causing strains of Treponema at 5% and 10% footbath solutions. WITH HOOF-ZINK E-Z Liquid, YOU CAN COMPLETELY...

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Tough on Heel Warts…Gentle on Your Land

Tough on Heel Warts…Gentle on Your Land

Fighting heel warts has always meant a tradeoff between effectiveness and impact to the soil and crops. Not anymore. Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid is proven more powerful than copper sulfate, but without harming the land. In fact, the zinc in Hoof-Zink actually helps...

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Research Proves Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid is Safe

Research by leading agricultural Universities shows how a Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid hoof bath is both effective in preventing Digital Dermatitis in Dairy Cattle, but also safe for disposal on your land.

Hoof-Zink E-Z Liquid is safe on crops and has zinc, an important nutrient for sustainable agriculture

Wisconsin Field Trial


Iowa Field Trial


Treponema Trial


Foot Rot Bacteria


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