The Best Alternative

To Copper Sulfate.

How Much is Needed?

  • The recommended dilution ratio is 5% by weight to the weight of water.
  • Rule of thumb – Use .28 gallons of HOOF-ZINK for every 10 gallon of water
  • Calculate the volume of your footbath (L”xW”xH”x.0043287) to get your gallons/footbath (See EXAMPLE)
  • Once the volume of the foot bath is calculated, reference the table below for the proper mixed amount of HOOF-ZINK (See EXAMPLE)

144”x24”x4”x.0043287 = 59.8 Gallons
Referencing the table, use 1.67 gallons or 25lbs
of Hoof-Zink for a 60 Gallon foot bath

To determine how much mixture you need, please use our convenient HOOF-ZINK Ratio Calculator.


3,000 lb. tote
(200 gallons)

Pallets of 500 lb. drum
(26.727 gallon)

Pallets of 220 lb. drum
(14.7 gallons; 55 liters)


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