Summary: Anecdotal information suggests some success in controlling DD with the use of footbaths containing 5% to 20% (w/v) zinc sulfate solutions. Zinc sulfate solutions have antibacterial properties, may also act as a hardening agent, and are relatively inexpensive to use in footbaths; however, they have not been widely accepted because of difficulty in dissolving most sources of zinc sulfate in water.

Furthermore, controlled research on zinc sulfate footbaths for control of infectious foot skin lesions in cattle has not been conducted.

Poor solubility of zinc sulfate has prompted several companies to launch soluble zinc products for footbaths (Cook, 2007). The most notable of these products is a liquid zinc chloride product called Hoof-Zink®.

Field reports indicate Hoof-Zink appears to be effective in preventing infectious claw lesions (Cook, 2007).

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